One Initiative. One Fund.

Many times church giving is separated into categories: tithes, offerings, special campaigns, and even building funds. Members then prayerfully consider what to give to each fund. The result is that some people may feel left out of certain giving initiatives, or like their contribution isn’t going to the most effective ministry goal.

Our Kingdom Come Initiative is an “all-in” effort to meet three specific goals: Love Our City, Launch the Church, and Leave a Legacy. We’re unifying our generosity around one central fund where every dollar given will both support our existing yearly ministry goals and also pave the way toward what God is calling us to next. In other words, there is only one fund to resource everything Long Hollow is doing over the next two years.

We believe God will reveal to you the one number that will represent your total, radical, sacrificial generosity to building God’s Kingdom in our midst over the next two years.